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54.767, -1.574






Lunar Eclipse

We got a few cameras and telescopes (cameras cunningly procured from the Physics department) and went up to the train station viewing point. The idea was that this vantage point would give us uninterupted views of the eastern sky. Of course this plan was foiled by the presence of a few bands of cloud straddling the horizon. We set up camp and waited....and waited. Then we ate some jafa cakes and waited some more. By this time, the small amount of cloud on the horizon had increased, so that only streaky patches of sky could be seen between rolling bands of grey/black cloud. Eventually, three hours after arriving, we saw the moon; a strip of bright silver at the base of one of the bands of cloud. For a fleeting twenty minutes we had uninterupted viewing of the Earth's shadow travelling across the surface. During that time shutters clicked and lenses whirred as we got as many photos as possible. Then of course the clouds marched back in, and we gave up, returning to our nice warm beds satisified that we had not had to resort to webcam related alternatives!