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56.157, -3.749



Sub zero, no wind.



Almost shimmering view in binoculars. Less impressive in telescope.


Bright, sparse cluster. Best views with 30mm.


Challenging to view. With the 30mm eyepiece it was evident as a faint cloud of stars drifting through the view as I slowly moved the scope. Switching up to the 25mm gave a little more definition to the cloud but overall this target suffers from my observing latitude and the light pollution to the south. It was not evident in binoculars.


Fairly expansive cluster in the 30mm. Distinctive rune shape cluster of stars near centre.


Best viewed in the binoculars rather than the telescope. This is a very large cluster of bright stars, sparsely scattered across the field of view.


Best views were with the 10mm Plossl where dark lanes in the cluster gave the appearance of flames emanating out from the right star at lower right. A very impressive view for a star cluster. In the 30mm it appeared a faint patch of cloud with little detail. Averted vision revealed some texturing to the cloud.

Christmas Tree Cluster

This is an easy target to find when starting out from the "lower foot" of Gemini. The cluster is bright and expansive, appearing best in the 30mm eyepiece.

Rosette Cluster

A more difficult series of hops to get here from the Christmas Tree Cluster, mostly following distinctive arrangements of stars. This is a very small cluster but with a distinct pattern making it easy to find once you are in the area. There is nebulosity here but the sky was too bright to see any evidence of this.