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56.157, -3.749



A very cold night. Some cloud around and a moderate light haze causing poor transparency despite the clear skies. Snow lying on the ground.



An excellent view in the 25mm eyepiece with strong hints of green colour. As my eyes grew dark adapted the extent of the nebulosity increased, especially with averted vision.

C39 Eskimo Nebula

Fairly easy to locate. Just visible in the finderscope and appeared as a fuzzy star at 25mm. Oval shape apparent with 10mm and central star visible in 4.5mm. Slight blue colour.

C7 Spiral Galaxy

A moderately challenging star hop. Only faintly visible in the finderscope but apparent at 25mm as an elongated patch of faint light. Sky conditions didn’t present great contrast so hard to see anything more than a hint of light covering a large area of sky. At 30mm the view seemed to be less distinct even with averted vision.

M81 and M82

Another moderately difficult star hop using several distinct patterns to get into the right area. The two galaxies were perfectly framed in the 25mm eyepiece. The contrasting shapes was very apparent.