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56.157, -3.749



A cold, clear night with excellent seeing and transparency.


The Leo Triplet

A fairly easy star hop from Chort in the rear part of Leo down towards 73 Leonis. The two Messier galaxies were barely visible in the viewfinder but readily apparent in the 30mm eyepiece. Putting in the 25mm eyepiece gave the best view, framing the galaxies nicely amongst a scattering of stars. The views were fairly limited to two diffuse ovals, one bigger and more tilted than the other. There was very little detail other than their brighter cores. After spending sometime at the eyepiece I gradually became aware of seeing the third galaxy in the triplet, NGC 3628, as a very faint patch of grey light, visible only with averted vision.

54 Leonis - Double Star

A difficult star hop simply given how close to the zenith this was getting but easily recognised once I found the right area. The pair were easily split with the 10mm eyepiece giving a very pleasant view with a very apparent size and brightness difference between the two stars.

Algeiba - Double Star

Harder to split even with the 10mm eyepiece but once the vibrations settled the separation was easily apparent. Strong colours, the brighter of the pair appearing pale yellow, the secondary a warm orange.


This compact globular cluster is easily found near the star Alpha Coma Berenices. Visible as a grey globule of light there was some difference between the bright and compact core, and the fuzzier outer area. The cluster appeared very well defined in both the 25mm and 10mm eyepieces.


M64 is situated very close to M53 and was another easy star hop. The galaxy was just barely visible in the finder but was readily seen as a grey oval in the 25mm eyepiece. No details of the significant dark lane could be seen. This is one to go back to with the larger reflector 'scope soon.