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54.767, -1.574



A clear evening with some cloud visible on the horizon and a very strong, gusting wind


Crescent Moon and Venus

I had a go last night at observing the super thin crescent moon barely into its first day but was foiled by fast moving cloud. This evening, despite the wind, conditions were better and I got some nice images of the crescent moon and Venus. I didn't quite make it in time to get Mercury.

Setting the scene as I walked up Dun Cow Lane - the Moon is just to the right of the tree at the centre of the image. Venus is hiding:

Very "Empire of the Lights"

Walking up to the Celtic Cross close to the Cathedral which gives one of the best westernhorizons in Durham I could easily see the bright point of Venus sitting just up and left of the fine crescent moon. In the clear evening light it was a beautiful sight. Here is an image of the two, with the cross and the awful fence currently surrounding the cross during building works:

Venus and Crescent Moon