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54.767, -1.574



A perfect, warm Midsummer's Night with only a few wandering clouds to (briefly) spoil the view.


Noctilucent Clouds

Earlier in the day Andy C and myself had decided it looked like being a good night for Noctilucent Clouds and much to our surprise we turned out to be correct. By the time I arrived at our chosen observing spot at Aidan's College at around 00:30 BST the display was at its height. We estimated a brightness of around 4 and definite structure throughout the display that extended upwards to around 20 degrees and covered about 60 degrees of sky in a North to North Westerly direction with the brightest region concentrated around and below the bright star Capella in Auriga.

Noctilucent Clouds over  Durham Cathedral

After we left Aidan's at around 01:30 I went on a brief tour around Durham, getting some beautiful views down by the river, and then up above the city. By this time (around 02:30) the display had visibly diminished to a veil type but with slight patches of the earlier structure still visible high up.

Noctilucent Clouds over the Wear
Me watching Noctilucent Clouds fading over the Cathedral

It was a lovely night and the first spectacular display I've seen this season.