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57.1208, -2.09038



A cold, frosty night with better seeing than had beene experience for a while.


Comet 17/P Holmes

After several nights of rain, drizzle, snow and clouds the skies finally cleared and I got another view of Comet Holmes, by now the largest object in the Solar System. It was much dimmer than when previously seen but still visible as a faint patch of light up and right of Mirfak (Alpha Persii). I did not take my binoculars out with me but instead trained the camera on it. It was very easy to pick up with only a 15s exposure and I experimented with a few settings to try and bring out as much detail as possible. The seeing was still not great, with some haze in the sky but I was still pleased with the results. The comet is incredible with an expansive out shell surrounding the brighter coma which has a distinctive jellyfish-head shape.