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57.1208, -2.09038



It looked to be a reasonably clear night as the sun set, mild and still, but as I went outside it was clear high cloud had already moved in and would prevent any views of the stars.



With high clouds already coalescing into all-over cloud cover I turned my telescope to the only visible target - the Moon. As discussed on the recent Sky at Night, there is currently a favourable southern libration with many craters around the south pole more clearly visible than usual. I spent some time with both the 25mm Plossl and 10mm Plossl observing various areas of the Moon. The 10mm gave me a complete view of the disc, fitting perfectly into the FoV.

As pointed out by Pete Lawrence on tSaN I observed L57, Reiner Gamma, a particularly bright (high albedo) swirl in the Oceanus Procellarum. It is thought this may have been caused by an impact on the far side of the Moon which forced material out on the opposite side in line with the magentic field.

With the 25mm Plossl in I also took the opportunity to take a quick image of the moon using eyepiece projection.

Full Moon