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57.1208, -2.09038



A mild night with fleeting moments of good seeing in amongst general atmospheric disturbances and later, lower cloud starting to build.


Comet Lulin

This has been on the radar to check out for a couple of weeks now but it was only tonight that clear weather coincided with the ability to stay up late and catch this target high in the south. Starting the week with a close encounter with Saturn, last night Lulin was very close to Alpha Leonis - the star Regulus. With the 2" 32mm eyepiece both were beautifully framed in the Field of View. Lulin was an eccentric green fuzz, with a distinct core and a extensive, nebulous coma. It was possible to discern in which direction the tail extended but nothing more than a hint was evident. On increasing magnification the loss of brighteness severely restricted the view to mainly the core of the Comet. I'm really glad I caught this one as it is now heading away from the Earth.


Located not far away from Lulin and just below the tail portion of Leo, Saturn was bright and easy to spot. This was the first time I've seen it for a while and the decrease in ring angle has been dramatic. Set amongst the stars it had a small retinue of Moons and in moments of good seeing banding on the planet itself was evident. The rings are now almost edge on giving it a very different, though no less beautiful, appearance.