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57.1208, -2.09038



A mild winter's night. Temperature above 5C but a very strong, blustery wind. Some light cloud between 21:30 and 22:00.



The seeing was much steadier than when I viewed Jupiter earlier in the week. All four moons were visible whilst I was able to push the magnification up by using the 10mm Plossl with the Barlow. This gave a very pleasant view of the planet with details coming in and out of view as the sky quality changed. The Northern Equatorial band was very obvious whilst the Southern band was less so this evening.

Astro-imaging the Orion Nebula

Finally, despite conditions being less than ideal, I decided to try and take a few frames of the area around the Orion Nebula. Using Nebulosity I took several exposures, trying out various different settings. Unfortunately the wind was quite blustery and meant that most of the frames were unusable. I was able to stack a couple to give the below result which I'm very pleased with. Lots of room for improvement though!

The Sword of Orion

2x30s exposures at ISO 800, captured, aligned, stacked and processed using Nebulosity