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Observatory Field, Durham

54.7679, -1.58724



Good summer viewing conditions. Cloud cover present on the horizon but after midnight we had around 90% of the sky visible. Still light in the west. Julie, Jayne and Dom managed to sort out the Nexstar (by inserting some fresh batteries) so that we were able to use longitude-latitude, 2-star alignment. Although the long-lat data may have not been quite accurate, we were able to align the 'scope so that when it was told to go to an object, that object appeared in the viewing field, although not dead center. Once aligned properly the Nexstar was also able to track objects, giving us prolonged views of Jupiter and the Messier objects as well as being able to swap eyepieces without losing the object.





All four moons visible - better clarity with larger eyepiece.


Globular Cluster visible as fuzz.

M57 - The Ring Nebula

Observed using both the 25mm and 12.5 mm eyepieces. Able to see the ring structure using the smaller eyepiece

Mizar Star System in Ursa Major

Mizar Star System in Ursa Major