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Observatory Field, Durham

54.7679, -1.58724






Aurora Borealis

Sunday night was finally clear and so it was decided that an impromptu obs session should be held. Just before setting off for the field we received an Aurora Watch alert predicting a faint aurora due to a recent CME. As we walked towards the field the sky lit up behind us as a dome of faintly glowing, green-blue light struck across it from the north east to the north west.

All thoughts of the North American Nebula were washed away as we watched this phenomenon. As the evening passed the aurora grew - a second, fainter dome appeared, the colour changed to a vibrant red in the west, and there were streaks and spikes constantly pushing through the main band.

It was an awesome spectacle and the few decent pictures I managed to take hardly do it justice.

Aurora, Durham, November 2004
Aurora, Durham, November 2004
Aurora, Durham, November 2004