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Observatory Field, Durham

54.7679, -1.58724



If possible it was possibly colder than the previous night (temperature got down to -6oC) but again we were treated to excellent viewing conditions. The NexStar was playing up this evening. Even doing simple two star alignment it was very uncooperative. The red dot finder also seems to be out of alignment.



Used a 2.5 mm eyepiece to get much larger view of Saturn than before. Focus was more difficult to achieve (vibrations from unstable mount) but the view was superb and well worth the effort. Only Titan was visible suggesting a degradation in viewing conditions from the previous night - the moon was distorted by haze

M42 - The Great Nebula in Orion

Along with M43 its companion - appeared less bright and well defined than the previous night


Sirius revealed a myriad of colours