The GiftED Sculpture Tour

In August 2012 the Gifted Book Sculpture Tour came to Aberdeen’s Central Library. Ten works, the book sculptures that appeared across Edinburgh between March and November of 2011, were toured around the country. We went along in early September to see these fascinating pieces which were in Aberdeen for only a few weeks before moving on to Dundee.

T-Rex (paper sculpture)

Easily recognised from all the exposure they got at the time on social media and newspapers, it was great to be able to enjoy them up close, marveling at the intricate workings and attention to detail that made each piece a unique work.

Gifted on Tour

Lost (albeit in a good book)

...I want to catch whatever is there in full sight

…and in the Dragon was a story...

Libraries are Expansive

Paper Sculpture Exhibition

You can read more about the tour and the sculptures on this page from the Scottish Poetry Library.