Northern Lights from Aberdeenshire

Aurora Borealis 30th October 2013

Earlier in the week news came rippling through the astronomy-blogosphere that the sun was cooking up a storm and the debris from a couple of Coronal Mass Ejections were heading for Earth. The first of these impacted on Wednesday night, 30th Octtober 2013, and after enjoying the final night of the 2013 Adventure Film Festival I grabbed some warm clothes and the camera and headed out to Midmar in Aberdeenshire.

Orion and the skies of Winter

On arrival on the hilltop it was breezy but the stars shone out overhead, a sky filled with a thousand pinpoints of light. To the north the distinctive green glow of the Aurora Borealis was clear to see and I soon had the camera set-up, capturing the ethereal light as it flickered and pulsed.

Aurora Borealis 30th October 2013

As it was a schoolnight I didn't stay too long and it was clear from the photos that I only caught the tail end of the main display but still I was pleased to pick up some beams and the hint of some red colouring once I had processed the photos.

Aurora beyond the pines

Another CME was due to hit the next evening (Halloween) but in the end it produced far less activity than the event on the 30th.