Easter in Northern England

On Saturday we had a wander along the top of Sutton Bank with hazy views out across the Vale of York to the distant Dales.

Sutton Bank

There was plenty of action at the airfield with gliders taking off and landing just above our heads as we followed the cliffs around to the White Horse above Kilburn.

Sutton Bank

After dropping down the steps besides the Horse we fuelled up on ice cream and then tackled the muddy path around the foot of the bank. This led to an even muddier slope up back to the top of the bank.

Easter Sunday brought sunshine and a sudden very welcome heatwave. After egg hunting in the garden it was time for spritz outside. I caught up on my reading and got through a large portion of Scott Lynch's Red Seas Under Red Skies.

Easter Drinks

After Easter Monday lunch in Yorkshire we headed up the A19 to Newcastle. In the continuing good weather we had a stroll around Jesmond Dene, passing the house and mill before heading along down by the stream and its myriad bridges.

Jesmond Dene

In the evening we headed into the centre of Newcastle, walking down Grey Street to the quayside where the light was stunning.

Newcastle Quayside

We were treated to a delicious dinner at Six, the restaurant on the top floor of the Baltic from where there were excellent views across the city as the sun set, and then delicious food and wine.

The next day we broke up the drive back to Aberdeen with a stop at Belsay Hall, a few miles north of Newcastle. Though the place was busy with school holiday families we still had a nice walk around the place.

Belsay Hall

After a long, cold winter the spring flowers were only just beginning to bloom, even in the relative shelter of the fascinating quarry gardens.

Gardens at Belsay Hall

The ruined castle and the top of the walk provided ample opportunities for exploration.

Belsay Castle

Gardens at Belsay Hall

We returned to the main house and had a walk around its slightly eerie, empty rooms, the wallpaper faded and the furniture gone.

Belsay Hall

Fianlly we had lunch outside at the Blacksmiths Coffee Shop in the village of Belsay itself. This led us back onto the Jedburgh Road and the drive north. With quiet roads and continuing beautiful weather it was an easy drive across the border and back up to Aberdeen.