Evening at South Queensferry

After a brilliant day out in Edinburgh I decided to vary my drive home with a stop at South Queensferry, a village strung out along the southern bank of the Firth of Forth below the famous bridges.

Earlier in the day thick fog had shrouded the bridges but now the clouds were higher and I had a clear view across the Firth to the lights along the Fife shore.

The Forth Bridges from South Queensferry

The view from the waterfront at South Queensferry is a famous one, and rightly so. To the right of me the magnificent Forth Rail Bridge was lit up, its iron girders glowing orange. Amazingly the lights were reflecting off the low cloud above and back down onto the water below. Every so often there would be a clickity-clack in the distance as a train traversed the bridge. The following photo captures the lights of one such crossing.

Forth Rail Bridge

To the left of me I could see the new and old Forth Road Bridges. The original Forth Road Bridge now looks quite diminutive next to the bigger, brighter Queensferry Crossing which is now only a few months from opening.

Forth Road Bridge and Queensferry Crossing

I wandered up and down the shoreline and drove through the village, stopping off at a few different points to set-up the tripod and camera and take advantage of the changing angles onto the bridges.

Forth Rail Bridge

It was a mild, still evening for mid-February and there were quite a few folk out. It was a pleasure to finally see this view in person and I'm looking forward to returning for future photo opportunities.

Forth Rail Bridge

A couple of days after posting, this photo made it to Explore on Flickr for the day