Model Railways

Freight Locomotives

Class 47, 47317 "Willesden Yard"

Class 47

Railfreight Distribution liveried 47317 'Willesden Yard'

Class 37, 37688 "Great Rocks"

37688 Class 37 'Great Rocks'

Construction sector 37688 "Great Rocks". Locomotive was built by the English Electric Vulcan Foundry and came out of the works on 5th November 1963 as D6905. It was serviced at Kingmoor Yard TMD (Carlisle).

Class 37, 37081 "Loch Long"

37081 13th Oct 84

37081 was new, as D6781, in November 1962. It became 37081 under TOPS and was later renumbered to 37797 when rebuilt as a "Class 37 heavyweight" in 1986. 37797 was withdrawn from service in February 2003 and was scrapped by CF Booth, Rotherham, in February 2006.

Class 59, 59005 "Kenneth J Painter"


Built by General Motors in La Grange, Illinois in 1989. Operated by Foster Yeoman on aggregate hauling duties.