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57.1208, -2.09038



Cold, clear overhead but hazy around the horizon.


Full Moon

A hazy evening sky showed the Full Moon rising dramatically in the east, wreathed with cloud. I took the 'scope and camera up to nearby Nigg kirk where I got a great view looking east across the cemetary and through wintry leafless trees to where the Moon was sitting. Using the Canon 450D at prime focus on the 80mm refractor, I took a set of photos. Later I produced a composite of two of these, showing both the tree and the detail on the lunar surface. I'll work on my compositing technique as the halo (caused by the bright, out of focus and overexposed Moon) around the Moon is too harsh at the moment.

The Wolf Moon

1x1.6s and 1x1/320s exposures at ISO 400, combined using GIMP.