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57.1526, -2.50128



Reasonably mild, light winds, clear with some cloud low in the west and increasingly moving overhead.




Aurora Borealis

After an unsuccessful outing on Saturday I went out again to Midmar kirk in the knowledge that there was good auroral activity (Kp around 5.3-5.6). A green arc was clearly visible in the northern sky extending from north-west to north-east where it was somewhat lost in haze and low cloud. Over a period of time it pulsed gently, increasing and decreasing in brightness. Photos revealed more colour, especially in the purples and reds but the main feature visible to the naked eye was the broad green band. The display lasted for the whole night and was captured by photographers from across Scotland, the north-east of England and in Ireland.

Icy sky at night (Northern Lights)

1x20s exposure at ISO 1600, 18mm at f/3.5, processed using GIMP.


Winter Skies Widefield

Image of Winter Skies Widefield

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