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56.157, -3.749



A clear night initially but with poor seeing. Hazy cloud built up and completely obscured the sky by 22:00.



Given how bight and (relatively) large Mars is due to a favourable opposition, this was my primary target. The increase in size is very apparent, even compared to a few weeks ago. Unfortunately the atmospheric conditions were poor and Mars was still relatively low. The best views were achieved with the 10mm eyepiece with dark markings visible on the surface - these appeared as roughly a large V which corresponds with recent photos. I did try the 4mm eyepiece but there was simple too much disturbance and no details were visible. The view through the 10mm was very pleasing and I spent 20 or so minutes observing the planet. My aim was to return later in the night when it would be higher in the sky but clouds put a stop to the session.

Mesarthim - Double Star

A very pleasing "cat's eye" double with both stars appearing a cool blue-white and of approximately the same magnitude. Easily split with the 10mm eyepiece.

Lambda Arietis - Double Star

A very unevenly matched pair with a bright primary and much fainter companion - both white in colour. Easily split with the 10mm eyepiece.